July 8, 2019 @ 9:30 am - July 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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 An intensive, research based Summer Course by CIRHS



DATES: 8-13 JULY, 2019

VENUE: SDM PG CENTRE, UJIRE 574240 (Karnataka, India)

Course fee: 3000/- (inclusive of accommodation in SDM Hostel)

Register before 25th June (only 14 seats available)

The SDM Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CIRHS) announces its fourth intensive summer course. Our summer courses are designed to include students, young professionals and lay people in processes of ongoing research. The course does not require any expert knowledge, nor does it claim to impart expertise over any field. We deal with common sense notions about India and aim to begin a process of thinking and serious engagement with our understanding of ourselves. We do so in the larger context of India-Europe relations and consider how that relationship has played a crucial role in shaping contemporary ideas about India and her problems.

This year, the course is titled “European Foundations of the Image of India” and forms one of our Jean Monnet modules under “India-Europe Relations and Diversity Management”. When one thinks of the area of diversity studies, it should surprise us that India seems to have very little to offer to the world on this theme, when it is acknowledged as one of the most diverse polities and societies in the world. Often it is rather casually but cautiously admitted that for ages in India, different communities, people with different orientations, religions, and practices have co-existed with relative ease and harmony. If this is true, surely we must have valuable insights on managing, nurturing and maintaining diversity that we can offer to the world. Yet, India has not contributed anything to this field. In fact, the image of India today is replete with Western perspectives on its diversity management: India is casteist, communal, dangerous for women and so on. How do we explain such a situation?

At the broadest level, the course aims to examine what prevents India from generating and contributing knowledge about diversity that is of significant import not just to India, but the world. Europe, for instance, has also been preoccupied with the question of diversity. Perhaps more so after the process of integration. What can we learn from each other’s struggles? About each other and about ourselves?

Join us over one week in order to explore these questions through focused reading and thinking exercises. For information about previous courses see this report and a video. Each of our courses is different and draws on our own research. For any further information about this course please contact us at

How to Register? Just write to us at, with your name, affiliation and education background. And we will respond with the necessary details.

 Course instructors: Dr. Sufiya Pathan and Dr. Dunkin Jalki


  • Course participants are expected to reside at Ujire for the duration of the course. Accommodation is provided at SDM hostels.
  • Registered participants will get a set of readings and other course related material.
  • Once paid, the course fee cannot be refunded. The course fee covers your accommodation from 7th July afternoon to 14th July afternoon (including food). If you require accommodation for an extra day or in a lodge, please inform us during your registration for the course. You will be expected to pay separately for it.
  • A certificate will be provided to only those participants who complete the course.
  • Once you register, we will include you in a WhatsApp group to facilitate easy communication between all participants and the organisers.



July 8, 2019 @ 9:30 am
July 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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