Department of Computer Science

Established in 1994

The main objective of the department is to produce computer professionals who can face the challenges of the IT industry and provide digital solutions in the job market. The department is offering BCA and BSc Computer Application Programmes. It is a matter of great satisfaction that students and faculty act in unison to make teaching-learning process highly purposeful.

Did You Know ?

"A group of 12 engineers designed IBM PC and they were called as The Dirty Dozen "

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Scheme & Syllabus

Association & Activities

The department through the Association “IT-CLUB”, encourages the students to participate in the activities such as literary, cultural and extension. The activities include School Teaching, Group Discussions, Student seminars, Guest lectures, Quizzes, Student Projects and Wall magazine. The above activities are planned and organized systematically by the students with the guidance of faculty members.

Community Orientation

  • School Teaching By Staff and Students

Credit Based Semester Scheme (2017-2018 onwards)

Choice Based Credit System Semester Scheme (2019-2020 onwards)