Department of Mathematics

Established  in 1966

The department aims at providing facilitator’s help to the students in learning the language of Science: Mathematics. It offers the subject as a part of the B.Sc. programme with practical components in each unit of every paper. ‘Math Clinic’ is a unique Subject-Association of the department which organises talks and discussions on mathematics and related topics.

Highlights of the Department

  • Effective Teaching by learner faculty through ICT, guest lectures, workshops, student seminars.
  • Student centric approach, need based teaching and learning to meet wide range job perspectives in both Private and Government sectors

Elective subjects offered by the department: NEP

Semester Title of the elective papers
I Mathematics – I  (Sciencestream)
Business Mathematics –I (Non-Sciencestream)
Mathematics for Business and     Economics-I (Non-Sciencestream)
II Mathematics II (Sciencestream)
Business Mathematics-II (Non-Sciencestream)
Quantitative Techniques (Non-Sciencestream)
III Ordinary Differential Equations (Sciencestream)
Quantitative Mathematics (Non-Sciencestream)
Vedic Mathematics (Non-Sciencestream)
IV Partial Differential Equations (Sciencestream)
Mathematical Finance (Non-Sciencestream)
Mathematics for Social Sciences (Non-Sciencestream)

Did You Know ?

“A mathematician, like a painter or a poet,is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs,it is because they are made with ideas”


Association & Activities

Association & Activities

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Induction Programme
  • Bridge Course
  • Periodical Meetings
  • Departmental Library
  • Class Assignments
  • Wall Magazine
  • Class/Unit tests
  • Diagnostic Survey
  • Remedial Drill
  • Special Attention to the slow Learners
  • Student Research project
  • Junior research project
  • Use of L.C.D/CAL Packages
  • TED Lectures
  • Question Bank and Question Papers
  • Lesson Plan
  • Work Diary
  • Mentorship
  • Parent-Teacher Interaction
  • Student Faculty
  • Healthy Practices
  • Career Opportunities in Math’s

Regular Co-curricular Activities

  • Preparation and Presentation of Curriculum Vital of students
  • Ted Talk and Research Topics Videos
  • Short term Certificate Courses
  • Value Education
  • Class Seminars
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Quiz (Class Room)
  • Study Circle and Library Reference
  • Group Discussion

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Inauguration of SIGMA Association
  • Guest Lectures
  • Alumnae Interactions
  • Hosting National seminar and Workshops in Mathematics

Extension Activities

  • Catch the Young and Nurture- A Unique programme by the dept. to create interest in MATHS among school children.

Best Practices

  • Presentation of Values in the class room
  • Display of Mathematicians’ work and contributions
  • Regular interaction with parents
  • Frequent one- to- one interaction with students
  • Feedback from stakeholders
  • Student participation in community empowerment
  • Maintaining the records of outgoing students
  • Learner participation teaching methods
  • Group Discussion on current issues
  • Current affairs daily presentation

Community Orientation

  • The  Department  organized a webinar on “Mathematics and Common sense” in association with Pilikula Regional Science Centre, Mangalore, on 09-12-2022,
  • On 13-12-2021, as a part of social responsibility initiative arranged a program on Spiritual talk on “Bhagavathgeetha and Life values” by Dr. RamachandraPurohit, Assistant professor, Department of Sanskrit.
  • The Department conducted   20day’s workshop on Python programming.
  • The Department of Mathematics organized a motivational talk on “INDIAN CULTURE AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE IN REAL LIFE “by Mr. ThirumaleshRao N. K, Assistant Professor, SDM College of Education, Ujire, on 03 November 2022 under SDM Social Responsibility Initiative.
  • The department conducted district level workshop “An Unique Workshop for 8th to 10thstd students of English and Kannada medium schools of BelthangadyPuttur and Bantwaltaluk” on 9th Feb 2012
  • The department conducted district level workshop“One Day National Mathematical year (NMY) -2012Programme” on 14th Dec 2012
  • The department conducted a special “One Day Workshop on Mathematics and Origamy” for B.Sc. Students on 7th March 2013
  • The faculty members guided a team of students from High school under the program “SDM INCUBATOR” from 31st March to 5th April 2017 and helped them to prepare 3 projects in mathematics.
  • On 24th July 2020 B.Sc. students gave a demonstration on Mathematical models to the pupils of SDM State English Medium School,Ujire.
  • On 18th Feb 2020 Ms. Akshatha, B. gave a guest talk on Application of Matrices to 8thstd. Students of SDM Kannada Medium School,Belal.
  • On behalf of 131stbirth anniversary of Sri SrinivasaRumanujan one day workshop on “Learn Math through Origami” organized. Dr. Adelaide D’sa Associate professor of St. Agnes College instructed the students to construct different mathematical models through paper cuttings.
  • On 7th Dec 2019 a guest talk is organized to final year         students by ALUMINI Mr. NarashimaShenoy, Senior Principal Engineer Collins Aerospace Industry Bangalore on the Topic “The Relevance of Mathematics in Industry”.
  • On 10th July 2019 Inauguration of “SIGMA ASSOCIATION” and Guest lecture was organized to III B.Sc. students by Dr. Shivaraj Kumar, Associate Professor Department of Mathematics National Institute of Technology Mysore on “Number Theory- Result on Quotient Residues”.
  • On 8th Jan 2020 aAdd on course on SCILAB & MAXIMA was organized to the B.Sc. students. Ms. Akshatha, B. and Ms. PoojithaVarma Jain guided the students and 25 students successfully completed the course.

Research Output

Research Output

  • Prof. T Prakash Prabhu published paper titled “Method to express the square of any integer as a sum of two squares” in SHODHA Biannual Bilingual Research Periodical Journal published by Dr. Ha.Ma.Na Research centre, S.D.M. College, Ujire. ISSN No.: 2279-0396
  • Mr. B Ganesh Nayak published paper titled “Going beyond curriculum teaching, learning and research with emphasis on Introduction of general Mathematics” in Asian Journal of multimedia research, a UGC recognized Journal. Impact Factor: SJIF 2013=4.708 ISSN NO: 2278-4853
  • Mr. B Ganesh Nayak published paper titled “A multidisciplinary approach for empowerment of knowledge through skill development” in PERTINENT PROBES- research articles. ISBN No: 978-93-84539-12-2 Published by “CHINTANABAYALU”; B.C Road Bantwala Taluk
  • Mr. B Ganesh Nayak published a paper titled “Impact of Transformation in Digitalization on Higher Education – A Study with Reference to Leading Degree Colleges in Belthangady Taluk” in Innovation and Digitalization – strategies for global collaboration published by post graduate department of commerce, St. Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru. ISBN: 978-93-84734-83-1. Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Page No. : 28-35.
  • Minor Reseach Project undertaken by T. Prakarsh Prabhu


  • Nayak, B.G. Going beyond curriculum: Teaching, learning and research with emphasis on introduction of general mathematics. Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research (AJMR). 2017;6(7):78-82.
  • Nayak, B.G. A Multidisciplinary Approach for Empowerment of Acknowledgement Through Skill development. Pertinent Probes. SathishGatti (Ed.). 2018. 40-49. ISBN: 978-93-84539-12-2

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