Siddhavana Gurukula

Siddhavana Gurukula is a unique styled and free hostel for students excelling in academics and sports. It was established in 1940, and has accomplished 75 years of effective fostering of selected meritorious students of SDM. With a capacity of about 250, the fully furnished hostel functions in the ancient Gurukula model. It has a farm and a dairy managed entirely by the resident students. The diet plan here is very complimentary to maintain good health. The wards enjoy the benefits of a plethora of training initiatives for their overall development of personality. Siddhavana has a long-standing reputation for being the apt place for fostering well disciplined students.


SDM Boys Hostel – Dheemanth

Dheemanth hostel for boys is a well furnished accommodation facility with 44 (2 bedded), 11 (3 bedded) and 74 (4 bedded) rooms accommodating a total of about 400 students.

SDM Girls Hostel - Dheemahi

Dheemahi hostel for girls consists of 44 (2 bedded), 12 (3 bedded) rooms and 74 (4 bedded) rooms accommodating a total of about 400 students.

Dheemanth and Dheemahi hostels have a common dining hall ‘Divyanna’ and facilities such as sports, multi gym, health care and Wi-Fi. Aesthetically built campus, spacious rooms, healthy and hygienic food at nominal fees make the hostels the second home for the students.

Contact Details

  • Dheemanth Boys hostel – 08256 – 236232 – email ID –
  • Dheemahi Girls hostel – 08256- 237232 – email ID –