Home Science

Department of Home Science

Established in the year 1977.

The objective of the department is to help students to develop all round personality. The subject Home Science deals with the maintenance and enrichment of human relationships through the development and judicious use of all available human and material resources, to achieve a fulfilling life as a member of the family. Home science education prepares youth for the greatest of all vocation – Home Making. It orients young girls and boys towards preparation for several professions- teaching, nursing, dietetics, research, welfare, management, art application, extension work, and mass communication.

Highlights of the Department

  • Provide scientifically planned, multi-dimensional, skill-oriented, personality development courses, which enable young students to excellent areas of health, family care, community service and more importantly diverse careers and professions in today’s context.
  • To Empower and enable the students to shoulder responsibility with mature thoughts, dutiful heart, bright mind, and noble deeds.

Elective subjects offered by the department:



I Extension Education for Community Development
II Residential Interior Space Design and Decor
III Child Development
IV Food Science

Did You Know ?

"Home Science gives wonderful opportunity for self employment".

Association & Activities
Scheme & Syllabus

Association & Activities

The department runs an association called “GRUHAJYOTHI” the goal of which is to empower and enable the students to shoulder responsibilities with bright mind and noble deeds.

List of activities under GRUHAVANI 

  • Class Seminar
  • PPT Presentation
  • Group discussion
  • Value Education
  • Current Issue Discussion
  • Guest Lectures
  • Class Quiz
  • Communication skill development
  • Radio talk
  • Wall magazine Student research project
  • Extension activities by the students
  • Student faculty preparation
  • Field visits
  • Remedial course
  • Student alumni interaction
  • Competitions for the whole college

List of Board of Studies Members 2021-22 (BOS)


Ms. Shobha S.                                                
Assistant Professor
HOD of  Home Science
SDM College (Autonomous), Ujire

 Internal members

Subject Experts

Dr. Mamatha, Associate Professor
Department of Resource Management
Smt. V.H.D Central Institute of Home Science College
Sheshadri Road, K. R. Circle
Bangalore – 560 002, Ph: 9845175373
Email: drmamatha23@gmail.com

Dr. Rajeshwari
Associate Professor
Department of Food and Nutrition
Maharani’s Science College for Women’s
Mysore University
J.L.B. Road, Mysore – 570006
Ph: 9480444661
Email: rajeshwarimscwm@gmail.com

Representation from Industry/ corporate/allied area relating to placement

Dr. Geetha
Acupuncture and Energy Medicines
SDM Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital
Shanthivana,Dharmasthala, Ph: 9449714767
Email:  gbsujire@gmail.com

Post Graduate meritorious,

Prof. Gayathree K.
Assistant Professor, Department of  Home Science,
Besant Women’s College,
Mangalore , Ph: 9844309762
Email:  thamankargayathree1972@gmail.com

University Nominee   

Prof. Asha Rai M.G
Associate Professor, Department of Home Science
Besant Women’s College, Mangalore
Email: asha40107@yahoo.in


Admission open for all PG programmes (2022-23) 

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