Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

SDM Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Humanities and Social Sciences (CIRHS), located on the SDM PG College, Ujire campus at SDM College functions as an institution that organises and facilitates research in the Social Sciences and Humanities. CIRHS aims at generating and supporting a world-class research culture within the SDM family of institutions. In order to reach this goal CIRHS takes up multiple camps, summer courses and conferences.

The “India-Europe Relations and Diversity Management” proposal by CIRHS at SDM was awarded the The Jean Monnet Modules Project, making SDM one of the only three colleges in India (at the time of awarding) to receive the grant.


The activities of CIRHS include:

  • Organising conferences, workshops and seminars within and outside the SDM fraternity
  • Exploring collaborations with other Indian and International educational institutions
  • Supporting research internships for students (both Indian and International) whose research is allied to the research interests of CIRHS
  • Conducting short and long-term courses for research training for faculty and students
  • Research

The Jean Monnet Modules Project

One of the larger goals of the initiative of which CIRHS is a part, is to bring the two continents and cultures — India and Europe — closer. They have much to learn from each other and to set right many wrongs they have committed in the past. The Jean Monnet Modules Project turns this dream into a small and manageable project with palpable goals and a timeline.

The Jean Monnet Modules project under the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, for the period 2017-20 is awarded to CIRHS at SDM. Since the inception of this project, SDMES is the third institution to be awarded this esteemed project in India, besides Manipal University and Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The project submitted by CIRHS is titled “India-Europe Relations and Diversity Management”. The aim of this project is to promote research and teaching experience among students, young researchers and scholars in issues related to the study of Europe, the European Union and India, foster the publication and dissemination of academic research, and create interest in topics relevant to the two cultures — India and Europe.

During this project period, CIRHS has organised many activities that address the theme of the project: Diversity management in India and Europe.

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