Department of CIRHS ( Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Humanities and Social Sciences)

Established in 2015

The CIRHS, located at SDM College, P G Campus, Ujire organises and facilitates research in the Social Sciences and Humanities. It has a particular focus on interdisciplinary, comparative research on India and Europe (including the relations between India and Europe). It aims at generating and supporting a world-class research culture within the SDMES family of institutions.

Did You Know ?

"Did you know that India is known for establishing some of the earliest universities in the world, yet today, only 11.3% of students enrolled in higher education pursue post-graduate studies and only 0.34% enrol for PhD? "

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output

Association & Activities

Organising conferences, workshops and seminars and summer schools within and outside the SDM family of institutions; participating in collaborations with other Indian and international educational institutions; supporting research internships for students (both Indian and International) whose research is allied to the research interests of CIRHS; conducting short and long-term courses for research training for faculty and students; and research.

Community Orientation

CIRHS aims to enrich the SDM family of institutions and thereby the region of Ujire/Mangalore by establishing a serious focus on research and bringing research results to the people. We do this in the following ways: (i) We attract Indian as well as International students to spend time at SDM institutions for the purposes of internships that include either work experience or research or both. (ii) We attract International scholars within the social sciences to spend time at CIRHS and participate in either workshops or conferences that benefit teachers and students at SDM and in the region. (iii) We run courses or organise workshops and conferences as well as publish articles in scholarly as well as popular journals in order to gain the furthest reach. (iv) We translate relevant material from English to Kannada for the purposes of wider reach and teaching.

Research Output

CIRHS has been awarded a Jean Monnet Project under the ERASMUS+ programme titled “India-Europe Relations and Diversity Management” to run 2017-2020.

This project’s aim is to promote research and teaching experience among students, young researchers and scholars in issues related to the study of Europe, the European Union and India, foster the publication and dissemination of academic research, and create interest in topics relevant to the two cultures of India and Europe.

Since the inception of Jean Monnet Projects, SDMES is the third institution to be awarded this esteemed award in India,

The Centre has also received a British Academy project award under its ‘Tackling the UK’s International Challenges 2017’ scheme the aim of which is to examine the presuppositions that lie behind the laws on caste discrimination in India, the EU, the UK and the UN. The British Academy project is to run February 2018-January 2019. Dr. Shah of London University is the Lead Applicant on the project and Dr. Pathan and Dr. Jalki are co-applicants.

CIRHS envisages that their research collaboration will deepen during the course of these two projects, with several joint meetings/workshops in Karnataka and England, and co-publications arising from these collaborations.

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