The arboretum is a unique feature of SDMC Ujire, established in 1999 with an objective of conservation and documentation of diversity of flora with reference to Western Ghats of India. It is a botanical garden expanding over eight acres of land. More than 500 species of medicinal plants are conserved here, making way for R&D and extension activities in the field.

The arboretum was initially established with the support of Zilla Panchayat Mangalore, and is now managed by SDME Society. It currently houses 1116 trees of different types (as per census conducted during Sep – Dec 2020).
Carbon Sequestered in Arboretum: 8518 Kg/Year ( As per the report compiled on Aug 10 2021)

Features of the Arboretum

  • The Plants are planted as per Bentham and Hooker System of Classification. (This system of classification was widely accepted in all academia until the introduction of APG System) As per the system there are Polypetalae Block, Gamopetalae, Apetalae, Gymnosperm and Monocot Blocks, where the plants belonging to each of these groups are maintained. All together 55 Families with 199 species  (out of 120 families) are represented in these blocks.
  • Triphala Block: Terminalia billerica (Shanthi) , Terminalia chebula (Anile) and Phyllanthus emblica ( Nelli) are maintained as dominant plants in this block.
  • Natural Forest Patch (In-situ conservation) A natural Forest Patch comprising 250 trees and dominant lianas is maintained. This patch prevents the soil erosion of the sloppy area.
  • Tirthankara Vana : This block contains 24 species designated to each Tirthankara based on Jain literature.
  • Pavithra Vana Block is a area comprising Vishnu Vana (20 Plants), Narasinha Vana (7 plants), Ganesha Vana (16 plants), Shiva Panchayatana (plants), Ambika Vana (14 plants) Sathyanarayana Vana (11 Plants), Shani Vana(15 Plants), Nakshathra Vana (27 Plants) and Rashi Vana (12 Plants). 
  • Green House – Here 98 plant species are collected and maintained.
  • Pampa Vana and Kuvempu vana – these are additional thematic blocks where plants mentioned by Adikavi Pampa and Rashtrakavi Kuvempu in their various writings will be  planted and maintained (Under process)
  • Ashoka Vana – Here around 50 Saraca asoca plants have been planted in a single block.
  • Saptaparni Marga – The path leading to different blocks towards eastern side of the arboretum dominated by Alstonia scholaris.