Class Rooms / AV Rooms

A total of 67 class rooms, 63 of which are Wi-Fi enabled and 50 of which have LCD’s , 3 with Televisions, and 10 with portable LCD’s. There are audio visual rooms as value additions to the same. Halls are equipped with a white board, projector and a room PC or input for laptop connection. The lecture theaters are more spacious than classrooms, with advanced range of AV equipment. Special meeting rooms are also available with user guides located near or on the lecterns along with video conference facilities for live communication with resource persons at distant locations. Administration as well as teaching has been simplified to a greater extent with valuable facilities allowing optimization of work with faster decision making and execution. These AV methods and infrastructure are ideally suited for applications such as distance learning, remote medical diagnosis, on demand project collaboration and more.

Language lab

Centre for Communicative English and Foreign Languages (CCEFL) was established under CPE (College with potential for excellence) scheme. The well equipped Language Lab facilitates total of 35 networked, Windows-compatible computers for in-class and independent work for the students to converse in English with ease and confidence. The lab provides high class SW 4.0 software support which makes it easier for students to master language skills. It has been specially set up to conduct advanced research and training in English and foreign languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Turkish) in the areas of Teacher Education, Literature, Linguistics, Interdisciplinary and Cultural Studies. The equipment and programs allow students to utilize spelling and grammar checks for all the foreign languages. To participate in Virtual Immersion sessions with classes from other countries, students are allowed to access recorded oral assignments and watch digitized videos from the CCEFL Lab film collection. Some digitized audio and video content can even be accessed directly from the Lab website under the remote access tab. The centre also offers certificate courses in Phonetics, Dictionary use, Grammar, Literary Translation, Public speaking, Competitive exams etc.

Seminar halls

Students can easily access platforms to display their abilities through a variety of activities, presentations, and speeches in the four seminar halls with Wi-Fi, of which two are air-conditioned. Located in different blocks of the building, they present a kaleidoscopic view of various activities organized in SDMC for students at all levels. The seminar halls with modern furnishings and acoustics have been provided to conduct paper presentation, workshops and debates, inter collegiate competitions and guest lectures.


College has been maintaining an arboretum spread across 8 acres. It has a vast collection of 400 species of plants arranged as per the Bentham and Hooker classification. It has been segmented into different vanas like Nakshatra vana, Rashi vana, Ganapati vana, Durga vana, Teerthankara vana, Ashoka vana etc. It has a nursery and green house with more than 25 RET species being conserved. It has a play ground situated in it with kids often seen visiting.

Bank/ATM/Post office

For the convenience of the students and faculty banking facility is available within the campus. Vijaya Bank Branch ATM is also provided for service access round the clock. The placement of the bank facilities in the premises makes cash transactions safe for the students. A fully functional post office branch is also situated in the campus.

Co-operative Store

The College has a customized co-operative store that meets the stationary requirements of the students for a competitive price. It is open in accordance with the college timings. This keeps the students within the campus even during emergency necessities. The stationary store also includes a small portion of food, healthcare materials and decorative materials. A portion of interest money earned is donated to the Mid Day meal scheme of the college and study scholarships.

Multi-facility Centre

The College has a well-connected multi facility centre situated at a very convenient space and is easily accessible for all the students. The facility has 75 computers, all of which are equipped with high speed internet. Scanning and printing facilities are also made available to the students. Each student is provided an ID and password to browse the internet at a subsidized rate.

SDM Cafeteria

The cafeteria is one of its kind in architecture, ambience, space and facilities serves healthy and hygienic vegetarian food at a subsidized rate. The advanced technology used in roofing and interiors have caught the sight of many. A self-service system is adopted for the user convenience.

Craft Centre

Extra curricular skills are the need of the hour. Stitching, embroidery, Type Writing, and such skills hold a reputation for being timeless, for demand for these skills has never been low in the market. ‘Nethravati Craft Centre’ is one such stop for the staff, students and the public for learning these skills with which they can build their own career.