Unique Features

Value Education

To inculcate the spirit of humanism among the youth, our college introduced value education programme during the academic year 2005-06. Under the programme, students present a value concept for 5 minutes during the first hour of the class, every day. In order to motivate the students, the manuscripts of the best value concepts are regularly displayed in the notice board at the entrance. This programme bears positive impact on the behaviour of the students.

Current Affairs

Reading News papers helps understand latest local and global developments. Students are encouraged to purchase and read newspapers and make a presentation during the first five minutes of the second hour regularly. The staff in the class discuss on the topic for the next 5 minutes.

Student Faculty

The Project was launched with a view to identify, train and promote the interested students with a flair for teaching. The final year students are given a platform to teach a minimum of 8 hours to their juniors. The college provides opportunity to a maximum of 2 students from each department.

Share Lectures

It is a ‘Lecture Series’ by the faculty of the college for students of high schools and PU Colleges in the neighbourhood. The project has been launched with the objective of enlightening the students about current issues, instil passion for innovation, provide information about higher education and also about the various career opportunities.

Incubator Programme

Under this initiative, the staff members of various departments guide the high school students for project work. This work culminates as a publication of report on the work done.

National / International Days

To promote a greater sense of patriotism, brotherhood and fraternity, all National & International days are celebrated in the college by organising Guest Lectures, Seminars and several other activities.

Student Lectures

One of the Best practices of the college where the students get an opportunity to express their views on topics of their interest at college level. These talks are recorded and subsequently uploaded on the YouTube giving global exposure to the students.

Faculty Exchange Program

A novel programme of knowledge sharing where teaching faculty of the sister institutions of SDM, teach students of SDM College, Ujire for a specific number of hours on pre-decided topics of concerned syllabus. These exchange programmes benefit the students as they get to learn concepts and ideas presented in an entirely new and different manner. This is a  unique opportunity for interaction between SDM sister institutions.

Jnana Mantapa

Knowledge sharing is an important element of academic growth. Considering this, the college has created a venue for the faculty members to share their thoughts amongst their colleagues and have an open discussion. This is a fortnightly event, where staff members take up a topic and make a presentation followed by an extensive discussion.

Alumni Interactions

Alumni are the greatest resource of the college. Alumni are invited to take up sessions of 20 to 40 minutes, where they share their life experiences with their juniors. This in turn will help our students in planning their future accordingly. 

Wall Magazine

It is a platform to enable the students to develop their creative writing skills. The college has 37 wall magazines of various departments with different names. Each department displays magazines every week/ fortnight. At the end of the academic year, a specially constituted committee assesses the quality of the wall magazines and best performing departments’ magazines are recognised.

e Bulletin

The institution publishes a fortnightly e-journal to keep the stakeholders informed about the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities on the campus. The publication comprises of Principal’s Desk, major events held at the college and at the department levels, participation and achievements of staff and students. The E Journal is sent to the registered emails of alumni, management and the stakeholders.

Social Responsibility

Youth are the future of the country. It is important to channelise their energy into right perspectives. Having the vision of creating the envisioned youth for the future, the college introduced Social Responsibility Series. Under this, the college organises awareness programmes such as Water Conservation, Food Waste-Management, Inculcating Civic Sense, Anti-Drug Abuse and Save Earth Initiatives. The students take up cleanliness drives everyday to keep the campus clean. They perform street plays and awareness programmes to infuse social responsibility among the youth, not only inside the college and campus but also in the surrounding neighbourhood.