Department of Statistics

Established in 1974

The Department aims to be the leading training and resource centre in the field of Statistics. It offers Statistics as an optional subject in the B Sc programme. The syllabus has practical application orientation. Computer oriented practical training is provided to the students along with field surveys/student research projects and short term certificate courses. The Department organises workshops on R Language and Microsoft Excel for the students and staff for general and specific statistical analysis.

Highlights of the Department

  • Computer oriented Practicals using R and EXCEL
  • Student Research Project using primary data and analysis through the applications of statistical techniques

Did You Know ?

"The brain produces feelings of confidence that inform decisions the same way statistics pulls patterns out of noisy data".

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output
Scheme & Syllabus

Association & Activities

The Department association, Sankhya is a forum, which gives the platform to students to participate in co-curricular activities. Major activities of the association include Guest lectures, Alumni interactions, career guidance, Workshops, Quizzes, Cross word puzzle, field survey, Wall magazine, Sudoku Competition. These activities are planned and conducted by the students with the guidance of faculty members.

Community Orientation

  • Conducting field survey on Demonetization, popularity of Pathanjalli products, hostel facilities etc. A report on feedback survey conducted on demonetization has been submitted to Prime Minister Office, Govt. India and DC office, Dakshina Kannada District.
  • Department is conducting Mini projects for High School students of  various schools in Belthangady Taluk.
  • Guest lectures by the faculty members to High School students from various schools in Belthangady Taluk.

Research output


  • ”A New rank test for independence with missing values.” Savitha Kumari, Dr. P.V. Pandit , Global journal of Engineering & Applied Science , Vol 1 (3) , 151-152 (Oct 2011), ISSN 2249-2623(Print) , ISSN 2249-2231 (online)
  • “A Class of distribution free tests for independence against positive quadrant dependence.” Savitha Kumari, Dr. P.V. Pandit , Pakistan journal of Statistics & Operations Research, Vol IX , No. 4, 371-377 (March 2013), ISSN 1816-2711(Print) , ISSN 220-5810(Online)
  • “Tests for two sample location problem based on Subsample quantiles.” Savitha Kumari, Dr. P.V. Pandit , Open journal of Statistics (accepted April 2013), ISSN 2131- 718X (Print), ISSN 2161-7198(Online)Dec 2013, No.4, 70-74
  • ‘Rank tests for Independence against Weighted Alternatives with missing values’ Savitha Kumari, Dr. P.V. Pandit , American journal of Mathematics and Statistics. (ISSN NO. 2162-948X(PRINT), VOL-V, No. -4, Page no. 196-199, Aug 2015)
  • “On distribution free test for the two sample location problem based on signs of extreme observations’ Savitha Kumari, Dr. P.V. Pandit , International journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Applications, Vol 10, No. III (December,2016), pp-151-158, ISSN – 0973-9424.
  • ‘On testing against positive quadrant dependence based on sub-sample order statistics’ Savitha Kumari, Dr. P.V. Pandit , Advances and Applications in Statistics, Vol. 50, N0.2 (February,2017), pp-107 – 121, ISSN : 0972 – 3617.
  • “On testing against positive quadrant dependence based on matched pairs” Savitha Kumari, Dr. P.V. Pandit , International journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 319-324, (June, 2017),ISSN : 0973-1903


Minor Research Project completed

Minor research project entitled “An assessment of perception of stake holders on Western Ghat conservation through UNESCO heritage” under UGC grant during the period 2013-15


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