Soil Testing Centre

Soil Testing Centre

Soil Testing Centre of the college was established to facilitate the farmers in agricultural practices. Under the supervision of the Department of Chemistry, it gives services to the farmers leading to the ideal use of fertilizers and better soil management practices for the improvement in soil fertility and agricultural production. With its scientific approach, the farmers aim at high crop yields applying sufficient fertilizers to overcome existing deficiencies. 

The Lab also undertakes water analysis. Professional and qualified technicians at the lab analyse the data and provide reports and agricultural guidance on a nominal fee.


Services available

  • Soil Analysis : Soil samples are analysed for pH, Electrical Conductivity, Organic Carbon and major nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Water Analysis: Water samples are analysed for pH and Electrical Conductivity


Major equipments available

Kjeldahl’s distillation set, Flame photometer, Colorimeter, Conductivity meter, pH meter, Mechanical shaker and Suction pump.



Dr. P Vishwanatha M Sc, Ph D

Associate Professor & Head

Department of Chemistry

SDM College, Ujire + 91 9448335659