Department of Botany

Established in 1966

With more than five decades of experience in the field of teaching and research, we offer Botany as an undergraduate subject in B Sc. The department is supported with a museum and a well furnished laboratory. Arboretum of the college spread in more than 8 acres comprising over Five thousand plants belonging to Four hundred different species.  Botanical Tours and Field visits organized by the department provide practical knowledge to the students. The Department is organizing seminars, conferences and bio-fests regularly for the benefit of the students. The department has been sanctioned financial support for strengthening of Life Science and Biotechnology Education and training at UG Level under the STAR COLLEGE scheme of DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Highlights of the Department

  • Emphasis on the learning through well-planned field visits, nature appreciation programs, and study tours.
  • Departmental forum SASYASOURABHA caters to all-round personality development of the students.

Did You Know ?

"Carnivorous plants are more specifically insectivores and they often live in bogs and swamps."

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output
Scheme & Syllabus

Association & Activities

The department runs an association called “Sasya Sourabha” to create awareness among the students regarding the flora in specific and environment in general. The association organises activities such as promotion of the use of medicinal plants, eco planning, Wall Magazines, Environmental awareness, campus cleaning, promotion of the use of eco-friendly materials and student centric activities regularly.

Community Orientation

  • Natural Resource Study Centre (NRSC) : Which wishes to address the vital issue of degradation of natural habitats and conservation strategies though research, documentation, and education & training modes.
    • Medicinal Plant Arboretum
    • Herbal Garden
    • Environmental awareness programmes



Research Output

  • Completed Major Research Project on Standardization of three Ayurvedic formulations by Dr. Pushpendra, sanctioned by UGC.
  • Completed Minor Research project on Ecological Studies On River Nethravathy At Western Ghats Area by Dr. Kumara Hegde B.A, sanctioned by UGC.
  • Completed Minor Research project on Study on Microbial ecology of selected endemic & endangered legumes of western ghats & lowland regions of Udupi, Dakshinakannada & Chikkamagalur district of Karnataka By Mr. Ganesh V Shendye, sanctioned by UGC


  • Kumara Hegde B.A Published a research paper entitled, In silico Anti-HIV and Anticoagulant Activity of (60) Fullerene conjugated Coumarin and p-Coumaric Acid Isolated from Endophytic Fungi, Alternaria species-1, in International Journal of Microbiology and Application, Open Science 2018; 5(4):81-92 ISSN : 2381-442
  • Kumara Hegde B.A Published a paper titled “Physico-chemical and Bacteriological investigation on the River Nethravathy of Dakshina Kannada District”, Karnataka state in India. In International Journal of Scientific research [(ISSN-2277- 8179) Impact factor: 1.8651] Volume: 04 Issue: 02 February 2015; 28-35
  • Kumara Hegde B.A Published a paper titled “Limnological Characteristics of Guruvayanakere Pond” near Belthangady of Karnataka. (Indian journal of Environment & Ecoplan 10 (1):165-168 (2005)
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