Drug bank

Of the many socially responsible initiatives at SDM, Drug Bank has been a longstanding and effective one. Drug bank is a unique activity initiated at SDM College, functional since 2010 to provide free medicines (tablets) to the needy. The initiative recognizes patients in the area who require assistance in purchasing necessary medication, and provides aid in case the drug bank has the prescribed medicine in store.


  • Drug Bank is consistent initiative where student coordinators collect unused valid tablets from all classes and faculty.
  • Main coordinators of the unit will verify the validity and usability of the medicines (tablets) and segregate the expired ones from usable ones.
  • Once in a month, the unused medicines (tablets) will be donated to the Mobile Hospital in Ujire. 
  • Mobile Hospital then distributes required tablets to the needy in the rural areas for free.

This way, drug bank is helpful for recycling of medicines and their conservation. Most users are unaware of the hardships involved in purchasing expensive medicines. The drug bank is an attempt to bridge the ‘affordability gap’ with regard to day to day medicines, at least in the rural area.