Life at SDM

SDM Kalavaibhava

India fosters a number of art forms. Talented students are given extensive training to perform Indian and foreign classical and contemporary dance forms by eminent teachers. Kalavaibhava, an artistic feat of dance forms performed by our students at different parts of the country is growing richer every year. This opportunity provides the students not only a stage to showcase their talents but also learn from the great experiences of performing for diverse audiences.

Learning Corners and Knowledge Doors

We believe knowledge knows no boundaries, and nor does the ways of acquiring it. The idea of constructing knowledge intake to classrooms and libraries has been transcended with this simple yet effective concept of learning corners and knowledge doors at SDM.

Any place that students find fit to gather around and discuss, the institution has put up a piece of information that shall prove helpful at some point of time in life. Also, knowledge doors refer to personality features of prominent names that students can learn about. These little initiatives have proved surprisingly effective since it was introduced, helping students gather more information than they normally would.

Software Access

Software access is a feature that enables students and parents to digitally access all kinds of information related to the college. A portal on the website named the Students’ Portal provides a unique user ID and password to each student and his/her parents. Through this portal, not only can they access developments taking place in the college, they can in fact obtain customised individual information. Students can keep track of their attendance, internal marks and upcoming events through this portal, which can simultaneously be noted by the parents as well.


E-lecture is a proud innovation of SDM, brought to reality by SDM Multimedia Studio headed by the Department of Journalism. The faculty members of all colleges of SDM are required to record 30 minutes long lectures of their respective subjects based on the syllabus. These lectures are made available online at the SDM Multimedia Studio YouTube channel, under the category of E-Lectures.

This initiative is amongst the most unique academic innovations of SDM.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing feature enables the different departments, clubs and forums of the college to interact with resource persons who cannot be brought down in person. The room allotted for skype or other forms of video conferencing accommodates over 70 students at a time and facilitates interactive conferencing for hours. This facility is made extensive use of by various platforms in the college.

Student Research

Student research is a unique concept introduced at graduation level at SDM. While post-graduation courses require students to present dissertations, UG students at Ujire are divided into teams and assigned a guide with whom they can work on their area of interest. Every student presents a research report annually as a part of a team which can be further used for study by anyone interested. This initiative helps students to acquaint themselves with the possibilities of the research world.

Student Faculty

The widely adapted concept of student faculty has its success model at SDM. Students from final year degree are screened and provided opportunities to conduct a maximum of 8 classes for their juniors. Remuneration is also provided to students who volunteer to take part in this process. Not only does this feature provide the students with experience and some extra income, the process has been noted to inspire students to further pursue teaching career. A number of students who excelled in this process have eventually become a part of the vast SDM faculty group. This feature is one of the most successful features of SDMC Ujire.

Mandatory Library Usage

The library forms the most important aspect of a learning institution owing to the infinite access provided by it to world knowledge. It is, however, quite a challenge to make students make the best out of such an incredible resource.
To tackle this challenge, SDM came up with a regulation that all students must mandatorily complete 30 hours of library usage every semester. The idea worked like a charm – and students who were capable of comprehending the accomplishment of it even spent more than 100 hours in the library every semester. One of the students holds the record at 650 hours per semester!

E – Bulletin

The institution publishes a fortnightly e-journal to keep the stakeholders informed about the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities on the campus. The publication comprises of Principal’s Desk, major events held at the college and at the department levels, participation and achievements of staff and students. The E Journal is sent to the registered emails of alumni, management and the stakeholders.

Current Affairs

Reading newspapers and understanding the current affairs is very important in understanding the latest development locally as well as globally. Students are encouraged to purchase and read newspapers and make a presentation in the beginning of the second period of everyday classes. The staff in the class discuss the topic along with the students in the first 5 minutes.