Sports and Fitness

The college always extensively supports sports activities. The sports club of the college has been set up to strengthen the physical fitness and sportive culture of the learners

Indoor stadium

Indraprastha auditorium is a geodesic model indoor stadium. Most of the big curricular and extracurricular activities of the college are held here, the auditorium has a seating capacity of 2000. The wooden courts for shuttle badminton and table tennis are of high quality and frequently state and national level tournaments are conducted. The stage of 50X30 size and spacious green rooms cater to the needs of big troupes of performers.

Outdoor stadium

The Department of Physical Education has a built-up area of 10,979 sq.ft. encompassing an office room, a staff room, a stock room and a dressing room.

  • 2,24,000 sq.ft. area providing for 400 meters standard mud track for athletics (also caters to cricket and softball)
  • Exclusive cricket grounds with matting facility for hard ball matches of 1,48,000 sq. ft.
  • A football field of 65,646 sq. ft.
  • 3 volleyball courts of 19,265 sq. ft. with spectator’s gallery (One is equipped with floodlights.)
  • 1 netball court of 7,980 sq. ft
  • 1 handball court of 11,869 sq. ft.
  • basketball court of 6,544.46 sq. ft. 1 throwball court of 7,169 sq. ft.
  • kabaddi courts of 5,292 sq. ft. 1 kho-kho court of 7,590 sq. ft.
  • 2 clay Tennis courts of 19,122 sq. ft. with spectator’s gallery 1 tennis wall – practicing area of 3,320 sq. ft.
  • 1 ball badminton court of 8,453 sq. ft.
  • 50 x 4-meter sandpit for physical fitness training

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool conforming to International Standard (50 X 25 meters) with an area of 33,660 sq. ft. for the use of students, staff and general public. The students are trained in various styles of swimming for a nominal fee. Several swimming competitions are regularly conducted here


Weightlifting segment of SDM is designed entirely based on the Olympic standards. The weights used are Eleiko bars which are the ones used in Olympics. The training here has enabled the weightlifters to bag 3 International awards and several National awards including the prestigious Ekalavya Award for weight lifting and power lifting. 5 weightlifters are placed in central government and 4 in state government jobs.


The multigym consists of various standard equipment’s like

  • 4 station multi gym
  • Imported AC treadmill
  • Imported elliptical cross trainer
  • Recommended bike
  • Magnetic bike
  • Multi press
  • Incline and decline bench
  • Manual treadmill
  • Plates set
  • Dumble set
  • Push up bars
  • Aerobics steps
  • Gym ball
  • Calf belt
  • Pec deck
  • Abdomen and low back extinction
  • Inner and outer thigh machine
  • Chin up / Dip machine

It is specially constructed with the view to maintain fitness of the sports candidates. It is freely available for all the students and staff.

Sports hostel

A separate wing at Siddhavana hostel for boys is exclusively for the students who excel in sports. The hostel is built in accordance with state of the art facilities accommodating 5 students in each room, with ample individual space.

Sports Club

SDM education trust runs a Sports club to provide free education to the students excelling in sports. This is an initiative by the management to provide encouragement to the students to pursue their passion in sports. It is a consortium of Physical Directors who provide guidance to the students in balance between sports and academics.


1. All India Men and women Volleyball tournaments
2. All India Men and women Volleyball tournaments
3. South India inter University Athletic meet
4. State level events in Football, netball, Tennis and Volleyball
5. Celebrity cricket match
6. 14Mangalore Inter collegiate tournaments
7. Vishwa Tulu Sammelana

Yoga Hall

A Yoga Hall (1,760 sq. ft) established in 2014 and is maintained in the college where students receive training in Yoga.Yoga club is an initiative for providing the physical and mental fitness of the students. Various yoga techniques are taught to the students. Special certificate courses in yoga are offered for the students to provide a better professional approach to the yoga practices.