Admissions are carried out by a dedicated admission cell at SDM College, Ujire. Contact details are available on the contact page.

List of NEP Programmes

I ) BA

Sl.No. Name of Programme
01 BA in Economics & History
02 BA in Economics & Journalism
03 BA in Economics & Political Science
04 BA in Economics & Psychology
05 BA in Economics & RD
06 BA in Economics & Kannada Optional
07 BA in History & Political Science
08 BA in History & English Opt.
09 BA in History & Psychology
10 BA in History & RD
11 BA in History & Kannada Opt.
12 BA in Journalism & Political Science
13 BA in Journalism & English Opt
14 BA in Journalism & Kannada Opt
15 BA in Journalism & Psychology
16 BA in Journalism & RD
17 BA in English Opt & Political Science
18 BA in English Opt. & Psychology
19 BA in English Opt. & RD
20 BA in Kannada Opt. & Political Science
21 BA in Kannada Opt. & Psychology
22 BA in Kannada Opt. & RD
23 BA in Political Science & RD
24 BA in Political Science & Psychology
25 BA in Home Science & Psychology
26 BA in Home Science & Political Science
27 BA in Home Science & English optional
28 BA in Home Science & Kannada Optional
29 BA in Home Science & Rural Development

II ) B.SC.

Sl.No. Name of Programme
01. B.Sc. in Biotechnology & Botany
02. B.Sc. in Biotechnology & Chemistry
03. B.Sc. in Botany & Chemistry
04. B.Sc. in Botany & Psychology
05. B.Sc. in Chemistry & Mathematics
06. B.Sc. in Chemistry & Physics
07. B.Sc. in Chemistry & Psychology
08. B.Sc. in Computer Science & Mathematics
09 .B.Sc. in Computer Science & Physics
10. B.Sc. in Computer Science & Statistics
11 .B.Sc. in Mathematics & Physics
12. B.Sc. in Mathematics & Statistics


Sl.No. Name of Programme
01. B.Com. General
02. B.Com. Secretarial Practice
03. B.Com. Taxation



Number of UG, PG and Research Programmes offered in the college [CBCS Scheme]



Name of Programme Course
BA in HEP Hist,Eco,Pol.Sc
BA in HEZ Hist,Eco,Psy
BA in HER Hist,Eco,RD
BA in HES Hist,Eco,Sans
BA in HKP Hist,Kan,Pol.Sc
BA in HKR Hist,Kan,RD
BA in HKS Hist,Kan,Sans Opt
BA in HKZ Hist,Kan,Psy
BA in HYP Hist,Eng ,Pol.Sc
BA in HYZ Hist,Eng,Psy
BA in XEP H.Sc,Eco,Pol.Sc
BA in XER H.Sc,Eco,R.D
BA in XEZ H.Sc,Eco,Psy
BA in XES H.Sc,Eco,San
BA in XKP H.SC,Kan,Pol.Sc
BA in XKZ H.Sc,Kan,Psy
BA in XKR H.Sc,Kan,RD
BA in XKS H.Sc,Kan,San
BA in XYZ H.Sc,Eng,Psy
BA in XYR H.Sc,Eng,RD
BA in XYP H.Sc,Eng,Pol.Sc
BA in XES H.Sc,Eco,San
BA in JEP Jour,Eco,Pol.Sc
BA in JER Jour,Eco,RD
BA in JES Jour,Eco,Sans
BA in JEZ Jour,Eco,Psy
BA in JKP Jour,Kan,Pol.Sc
BA in JKZ Jour,Kan,Psy
BA in JKR Jour,Kan,RD
BA in JKS Jour,Kan,Sans
BA in JYP Jour,Eng,Pol.Sc
BA in JYZ Jour,Eng,Psy
B.A in.JYR Jour,Eng,RD
B.A. in NEP NCC,Eco,Pol.Sc
B.A. in NER NCC,Eco,RD
B.A. in NKP NCC,Kan,Pol.Sc
B.A. in NKR NCC,Kan,RD
B.A. in NYZ NCC,Eng,Psy


Name of Programme Course
B.Sc in PCM Phy, Chem, Maths
B.Sc in PMS Phy, Maths, Stat
B.Sc in PMC Phy, Maths, Comp. appl
B.Sc in SMC Stat, Maths, Comp. appl
B.Sc in CBB Chem, Bot, Biotech
B.Sc in CBP Bot,Chem, Psy

III) B.Com



Non CBCS Programmes

Bachelor Vocational Programme (B.Voc)

  • Retail and Supply Chain Management
  • Software and App Development
  • Digital Media and Film Making
MA in Economics
MA in English
MSc in Statistics
MSc in Psychology
MSc in Physics
MSc in Biotechnology
MSc in Chemistry
MSc in Organic Chemistry
M.Com in Insurance and  Bank  Management

Research Programme

PhD Programme:
01 PhD (Physics)
02 PhD (Chemistry)
03 PhD (Organic Chemistry)
04 PhD (Statistics)
05 PhD (Commerce)
06 PhD (Insurance and Bank Management)
07 PhD (Journalism)
08 PhD (Economics)
09 PhD (English)