Department of Chemistry

Established in 1966

The department has been engaged in imparting quality education with strong base in laboratory experiments. It offers Chemistry as an optional subject for the undergraduate students. Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Electrochemistry are the thrust areas of research. The department ensures ample placement opportunities and is constantly associated with its alumni in both academia and industry

Did You Know ?

"When you cry , excess stress chemicals are pushed out of your body helping in stabilizing the body’s chemicals, that is why you feel lighter".

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output

Association & Activities

The Department association, Spatika encourages the students to participate in the Co-Curricular and Extension activities. Major activities of the association include  Career guidance, Guest Lectures, Seminars, Student Lecture Series, National / International day Celebration, Quizzes, Intercollegiate competitions, Workshops, Wall magazine, Alumni interactions and activities related to Popularizing Chemistry. These activities are planned and organized systematically by students with the guidance of faculty members.

Community Orientation

  • Service providers soil and water quality through Soil Testing Centre.
  • Department Holds
  •  Activities related to popularizing chemistry

     Awareness programes on Detection of Adulterants in Food Stuffs

     Programmes on Preparation of low cost Household Products

Research Output

–  The faculty undertakes projects and publish papers 
–  Successfully completed 3 UGC funded Minor Research Projects
–  Mandatory  Student Research Projects