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Anti-Ragging Committee of the college ensures the implementation of ‘Zero Tolerance’ for ragging of any kind. It works under statutory polices framed by the UGC. Ragging is a cognizable offence and those who indulge in it or encourage it will be handed over to the appropriate legal authorities as per: G O. Ed 122 URC-96 dated 16-01-1997


Vision: Ragging free campus for higher education
Mission : To prevent ragging in any of its form – Physical , mental or emotional.

Objectives :

  1. To create a cordial, harmonious learning environment.
  2. No scope for senior – junior attitude.
  3. To see the campus or hostels as places of mutual trust and cordial relationship among the students.
  4. Constant vigilance/observation of student communities.


  1. To create an awareness among the students regarding the legal consequences of ragging.
  2. To create an awareness about the importance of education and future.
  3. Holding the meeting of committee.

Methodology :

  • Display of flexus, banners and legal matters regarding the menace of ragging in the notice boards.
  • The detail of Anti-ragging committee of the college is displayed in the college notice board for the information of the student.
Dr. P. N. Udayachandra , Principal Chairman
Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty, Vice-Principal Member
Mr. Shashishekhar N. Kakathkar, Science Dean Member
Dr. Shalip Kumari, Arts Dean Member
Dr. Vishwanatha P. Dean, PG Studies Member
Dr. B. P. Sampath Kumar, Registrar(Administration) Member
Mr. Shanthiprakash, Registrar(Evaluation) Member
Mr. Gajanana R. Bhat Co-ordinator, Student Welfare Committee Co-ordinator
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Shetty, Member, Discipline Committee Member
Dr. Naveen Kumar, Member, Discipline Committee Member
Mr. Jinnappa (Parent) Member
Ms. Tejashwini K S, I MA JMC Student Representative
Mr. Samana R, I MSc Chemistry Student Representative
Mr. Dada Peer, II B.Sc.‘B‘ Student Representative

UGC Guidelines

Midday Meal

Economic and geographical backwardness of the students often comes in the way of their education. Considering this limitation, number of facilities are provided to them by the government and non government organisations. Alongside the scholarships and hostel facilities, midday meal scheme was launched in the college with the donations of staff, alumni and the management. Identified students are given healthy and nutritious midday meals at the college canteen on all the working days.


The mentoring program is aimed to provide guidance to the students in their studies. A group of 25 to 35 students is allotted to each faculty at the beginning of the academic year. The mentors discuss various issues faced by the students. The mentors meet the students regularly and conduct monthly meeting. Parents- teacher’s meeting is also arranged every semester.

Grievances Redressal

Students’ Grievances Redressal Cell makes all necessary arrangements for receiving representations / complaints/ grievances from students relating to general administration, examination and evaluation and any other problems relating to the functioning of a student in the college.

Women Grievance Redressal Cell & Internal Complaints Committee

The Committee has been constituted to maintain the safety and security of female students and women for redressal of grievances in the campus. It provides a platform for listening to complaints and ensure healthy atmosphere in and around the college.

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SC / ST Cell

The SC/ST Cell of the college was established with the purpose to empower the SC/ST students in the college. The college takes special interest in facilitating financial support to students from these communities from government agencies and other sources.

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Merit based, need based and student specific government and private scholarships are available to the students. SDME Trust also provides need based and merit based monthly scholarships for Post graduate students.

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Counseling Centre

SDM counselling centre provides a full range of counselling and psychological services to the students as well as the general public who are facing emotional and mental difficulties. All services rendered by the centre are free. The centre is equipped with professional counsellors, who are easily approachable and ready to help. A prior appointment has to be taken from the counsellors to avoid confusions. The service of the counselling centre includes: Assessments (IQ for Learning Disabilities, adjust mental problems etc.), Remedial training for school children, Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Supportive Counseling and Psychoeducation.

Women Development Cell

The cell provides need based gender sensitization programmes to women students, it also offers awareness programmes on sexual harassment and preventive measures.

Health Care

In case of health issues, on call medical facilities are provided at the SDM Hospital, Ujire run by the management.

  • Institutional vehicles  are made available for emergency transportation round the clock
  • On-call doctors visit to the college and hostels are arranged
  • Periodical free health checks up is arranged. 
  • Sports injuries are treated in the SDM Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital
  • Special concessions on  medical expenses are offered  to general  students
  • Free treatment to sports students

Admission open for all UG and PG programmes (2022-23) 

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