Department of English

Established in 2013

The department aims at equipping the students who like to seek employment in teaching and researching in theatre, film, translation and media. We offer an M A programme with Specialized Papers In non-British literatures like American, Black, Dalit and Regional along with the British English Literature. The highly qualified faculty in the department are not only engaged seriously in teaching and learning but also in research. Students are given intensive training in research methodology, communicative skills, content writing, film appreciation, theatre and other skills relevent to different professions.

Highlights of the Department

  • Dept is focused on enhancing research, skill and competencies
  • Experiential and project oriented mode of teaching and learning

Did You Know ?

"Happy is used three times more often in English than sad".

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output

Association & Activities

The department through the Association encourages the students to participate in the activities such as literary, cultural and extension. The activities include

  • School adoption 
  • Group discussions 
  • Seminars – general seminars and subject seminars
  • Guest lectures
  • Discussion on current affairs 
  • Moral values
  • Training in dramatics
  • Documentaries
  • Review of films
  • Literary appreciation programs
  • Quiz
  • Projects 
  • Departmental printed bulletin
  • Wall magazine
  • Readers forum

Community Orientation

  • School Adoption – a unique community oriented programme wherein students visit selected High Schools and teach English.
  • Share Lecture Programme

Research Output

  • Partition Literature
  • Indian Drama and Theatre
  • Postcolonial Literatures
  • Comparative Literature
  • Dissertation, a mandatory component of the course.
  • Minor Research Projects
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