Department of Social Work

Established in 2001

Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Social Work, S.D.M College, Ujire was established in the year 2001 with the vision plan “ACADEMIC UPGRADATION OF FACULTY AND IMPROVING THE EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS OF STUDENTS WITH HUMAN TOUCH”. The department works with the objective of Projecting students around quality based education and imparting professional Social Work education with participative approach for the betterment of the Society.

The department is set with quality oriented activities which could possibly enhance the performance of the students both in academics and field activities. The learning ambience with experienced staff and directed field work allotments ensures optimum knowledge and skills to the students. The department has alliance with various industries, hospitals and NGOs in and around Mangalore in order to enforce maximum practical input through field works.

Special activities conducted by the department include Yearly Mega event SAMBHRAMA which is a national level conference on contemporary issues, Study tour, Social Work rural/tribal/urban camps, summer and winter internships, Focused Group Discussions, article reviews, seminars, role plays, book reviews, movie reviews and other need based activities.

Highlights of the Department

  • Department of Post graduation in Social Work, SDM College, Ujire focus on pioneering approach and professional practice of Social Work throughout the course of action. The major strategies are practice based research and field action projects.
  • Rapport and net working with government and nongovernment organization empower the budding professionals. It facilitates competence building, policy and programme development and expansion
Association & Activities
Research Output

Students impart managerial skills through student run forum Human Resource Development Cell which conducts various issue based programmes for student benefits. The association arranges activities like Guest lectures, Workshops, Special talks during National and International days, extension activities and any other contemporary issues which will be relevant to students’ carrier and social development.

Research Output



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Minor Research Project Completed

  •  Minor research project entitled “Qualitative and quantitative study of water quality in some selected pockets of Nethravathi river” under COSIP funded by UGC during the period 1998-2000.
  • Minor research project entitled “Studies on the oxidation of heterocyclic substrates” under UGC grant during the period 1997 – 1999.
  • Minor research project entitled “Analysis of Nethravathi river water – A special reference to health” under UGC grant  during the period 2009–2011.
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