Political Science

Department of Political Science

Established in 1966

Objective of the department is to acquaint the students with the basic concepts and issues of Political Theory, Political Thought, Political Systems, Political Institutions, Political Processes, Public Administration and International Relations. The department offers Political Science as an optional subject in B.A. Programme and is inclined towards community empowerment by conducting various political, social, and women empowerment programs for SHGs. The students are provided with an exposure to the social responsibility of strengthening democracy through Voter Awareness Campaign, Civic and Legal Awareness and Mock Parliament Programs.

Highlights of the Department

  • Extension Activities: Political Awareness – SHG’s , Grama Swaraj – Grama Sabha Awareness Campaign
  • Study Visits to: Court, Police Station, Registrar’s Office and Gram Sabhas

Open Elective Papers




Parliamentary Procedures in India
Indian Government and Politics


Indian Polity: Issues and Concerns


Gender and Politics


Understanding Dr.B. R. Ambedkar

Did You Know ?

“Design of Indian Parliament was Created by 2 Britishers Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker”

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output
Scheme & Syllabus

Association & Activities

  • Rajya Ranga Association
  • Bridge Course
  • Wall Magazine
  • Diagnostic Survey
  • Remedial Drill
  • Special Assignment to Advanced Learners
  • Student Research
  • Use of L.C.D/CAL Packages
  • Tools for Self Study
  • Healthy Practices
  • SWOC Analysis

Routine Co-curricular Activities

  • Preparation and Presentation of Curriculum Vitae of students
  • TED Talk and Inspirational Videos show
  • Study of articles of the Indian Constitution
  • Short term Certificate Courses
  • Map Work (Identification of places on the map)
  • Flow Chart
  • Value Education
  • Class Seminars
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Quiz (Class Room)
  • Study Circle and Library Reference
  • Group Discussion

Study Visits to

  • Court
  • Police Station
  • Sub-Registrar’s Office
  • Grama Sabhas

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Inauguration of Rajya Ranga
  • Guest Lectures
  • Focus: Compilation of major International, National & State Events
  • Weekly Presentation of International News
  • Study Visit
  • Alumnae Interaction
  • Interaction with Elected Representatives
  • Live Presentation and Analysis of General Budget/ Elections
  • Activity Orientation Programme
  • Constitutional Day Celebration
  • Human Rights Day celebration
  • International Peace Day Celebration
  • Mock Parliament
  • CV presentation

Extension Activities

  • Social and Political Awareness – SHG’s
  • Grama Swaraj – Grama Sabha Awareness Campaign
  • Voters Awareness Campaign

Civic Education Programme
Awareness on contextual issues
Best Practices

  • Weekly Presentation of International news
  • Presentation of Values
  • Display of Quotes of great personalities
  • Regular interaction with parents
  • Frequent one- to- one interaction with students
  • Feedback from stake holders
  • Practical training to students in organizing programs
  • Compilation of articles on International, National and State issues
  • Student participation in community empowerment
  • Maintaining the records of outgoing students
  • Learner participation teaching methods
  • Forming study circles in the classes
  • Exposure to pragmatic issues
  • Counseling for female students
  • Career opportunity guidance
  • Current affairs daily presentation

Community Orientation

  • Department involves in organizing Grama Sabha Awareness Campaign, Voters Awareness Campaign, Study Visits and SHG Empowerment Programs

Research Output


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