Department of Psychology

Established in 1971

The department’s vision is to foster interest in Psychology and create a foundation for higher studies in psychology. The Department offers Psychology as an optional subject in BSc and BA Programmes. Through the trainings, the department supports the students to understand the importance of mental hygiene, understand the basic concepts related to human behaviour, creates awareness about various social issues and their psychological impact. Through one of the very well equipped laboratories, the department trains the students for psychological testing and reaches out to the community with counselling services.

Did You Know ?

Ivan.V. Pavlov was the only one psychologist who was awarded with Nobel Prize for his invention on a learning theory called as "Classical Conditioning".

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output

Association & Activities

Cognito is the association started by the Psychology department, which assists the students to build their skills in the practical aspects of the subject, by giving hands-on exposure on counselling and other aspects of Psychological studies. 

The activities of the association are:

  • Counselling
  • IQ Assessment
  • Class Seminars
  • Class Quiz
  • Mental Health Day celebration
  • Internships
  • Students participation in various psychology related competitions
  • Presenting papers in various state and national seminars
  • Attending and Organizing Workshops
  • Article Review
  • Class Debates
  • Movie Reviews
  • Radio Talks
  • Alumni interactions
  • PPT Presentation
  • Group discussion
  • Value Education
  • Current News Analysis

Community Orientation

  • Counselling and talks by faculties of the department on psychological issues.
  • Talks to self help groups, Anganawadi teachers and parents.
  • Need based IQ Assessment.
  • Need based Counselling.

Research Output

  • Prof Gopala Patwardhan : M.Phil from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore (2009) Title “Adjustment problems among college students”.
  • Dr.Sudheer KV: Ph.D from Karnatak University, Dharwad (2018) on the topic “Self Concept, Emotional Competence, Academic Anxiety and Educational Aspiration of Adolescents with Dual Parents and Single Parents”.