Art and Culture

Deep orientation in the cultural roots of the country comes naturally to everyone at SDM. We foster cultural talents and celebrate the cultural diversity of the country we live in through various initiatives such as Kalavaibhava and cultural training centre. After all, student life is made so much more colourful and memorable by the cultural elements!

SDM Cultural Centre

The Centre was started in the year 2014 with a view to provide a platform for the students to explore the diversity of talents and excel in their field of interest. It has three different branches namely Yakshagana, Drama, Music and Dance. It is fully facilitated with all the modern amenities for training, headed by two full time trainers for Yakshagana and Drama. The Centre remains active throughout the year, making it accessible for all those who aspire to discover their inner potential in the field of Art and Culture.

SDM Kalavaibhava

India fosters a number of art forms. Talented students are given extensive training to perform Indian and foreign classical and contemporary dance forms by eminent teachers. The team of students performs, Kalavaibhava, an artistic bonanza of the dance forms at different parts of the country. This opportunity provides the students not only a stage to showcase their talents but also learn from the great experiences while performing.


Yakshagana is a very popular art form of coastal Karnataka, which is an amalgamation of dance, music, dialogues, costume, make-up, and stage techniques. SDM Cultural Centre has a dedicated training space for Yakshagana with a qualified full-time trainer. The centre is equipped with a wide variety of costumes, make-up materials, properties and instruments for practice and performance of Yakshagana. The Centre also offers a Certificate Course of 40 hours every semester as well as a full day training during vacation for other students. The practice time for students is 4.00 to 5.30PM every day. Shashiprabha Parinaya, Vidyunmathi Kalyana, Kumara Vijaya, Swarna Shalini, Rathnavathi Kalyana, Sudarshana Vijaya, Tharanisena Kalaga are some of the performances (prasangas, as known by in Yakshagana terms) by the students of the centre.


SDM Cultural Centre has a dedicated training space for Drama/Skit with a qualified full-time trainer. The centre is well equipped with all the drama costumes, lighting equipment and stage setting materials and properties. Regular training is provided every day between 4.00 and 5.30 PM. The students are trained to participate in University/State/National level competitions every year, where they have been noted to outperform their counterparts. The Students have performed  plays like Midnights Summer Dreams, Saradarana Swagatha, Hakki Hadu, Chora Charanadasa, Seetha Swayamvara, Gadayuddha, Mareechike, Maari Kadu etc.

Dance and Music

Dance and music are amongst the rich cultural legacies of our society. The Centre at SDM is facilitated with an actively functioning space for dance and music with instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Keyboard, Jhambe Taala and Dance Properties. Students are trained for all the intercollegiate competitions by specially invited trainers. Training for various Dance forms like Folk, Bharathanaatyam, Yakshagana Ballet, Kamsale, Rajasthani dance, Gujarathi dance, Chende, Western dance and music etc are undertaken on a regular basis.


Competitions are always the most awaited moments for all talented artists. The college provides ample opportunities for the students to compete in various kinds competitions in and out of the college. There are over 40 inter-class competitions conducted by the college every year on account of the college day covering both literary and fine arts and many inter-collegiate competitions open for the students to exhibit their talent. Teams representing the college in inter-collegiate contests are well trained and facilitated by the college. The encouragements are also in the form of perks such as food, accommodation and transport facilities free of cost.