Department of P G Studies & Research in Economics

The Department of PG studies in Economics started during 2014-15, aims at offering modern and quality education in higher studies of Economics. Relevant syllabus and student centric programs assist the students to have competitive edge in the globalised environment. The Department has been successfully rendering excellent services to the academic community and is known for its quality teaching and training in economics. Besides, teaching and research, faculty members of the department regularly conduct the training and coaching classes to the students for competitive exams like IES, NET, K-SET and they are also involved in other extension activities.

Teaching is equipped with modern techniques like ICT to address the needs of the students who have different learning abilities and come from different socio-cultural backgrounds. Further, the faculty members at the department cater to the individualized studies and learning needs. For the benefit of the students, the department frequently arranges series of Guest lectures and invites subject experts from different Universities and Colleges across the state to address the areas like research article writing, paper presentations, career opportunities etc. All these curricular and co-curricular activities are organized under the auspices of ‘Planning Forum’, an academic association of the Students and Faculties of the Department.

Highlights of the Department

  • Regular Involvement of the Students in Research Activities
  • UGC NET and K-SET Coaching 

Elective subjects offered by the department



II Global Economy
III Resource Economics

Did You Know ?

“Economics, as it has emerged, can be made more productive by paying greater and more explicit attention to the ethical considerations that shape human behaviour and judgment”.

Association & Activities
Community Orientation
Research Output
Scheme & Syllabus

Association & Activities

The department is set with quality oriented activities which could possibly enhance the performance of students. Students impart managerial skills through student run forum ‘Planning Forum’ which conducts various need based programmers for student benefits such as

  • Group Discussion
  • Career Development Programs
  • Personality Development Programs
  • Seminar / Group Seminars
  • Spoken English classes
  • Information related to competitive examinations
  • Information regarding employment opportunities
  • Talk on current events
  • Training for competitive exams like IES, NET, SET.
  • Conducting guest lecturers
  • Conducting mock events
  • Conducting event management programs
  • Opportunity to teach in Undergraduate College as training
  • Organising field visit to get practical knowledge.

Community Orientation

  • ’JanajagrathiAbhiyana’-Educating the Public.
  • Water Conservation
  • SwachathaAbhiyan

Research Output

  • Research Paper Presentation in Conferences
  • Research Paper Publications in refereed journals
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Dissertation, a mandatory component of the course


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