Radio Ninada 90.4 FM

The very idea of community radio is preservation of local cultures and bringing hidden talents to the fore. The same is inculcated in the spirit of Radio Ninada, the community radio station under the department of Journalism.

The programs are designed in the local dialects, involving people from the community including artists of different kinds and common people. Alongside news and information, the station manages an archive of programs created over cultural aspects of Coastal Karnataka. Not only does this create a reliable documentation platform for preservation of local cultures, it also attracts and involves the rural population in mainstream media.

Radio Ninada broadcasts programs from 8 AM – 10 AM and from 5 PM – 7 PM every day. The programs are either developed by students under the guidance of a dedicated staff member, or conducted by the college through the involvement of local talents. A handful of upcoming programs aim to create greater awareness amongst the listener base, especially women, and involve students from entire college and provide them a platform for their talents and interests. All students, faculty members and even residents of the vicinity have an open invitation to be a part of the programs at Radio Ninada. The station is managed by VK Kadaba and is situated close to the SDM Multimedia studio.