At it since inception!

SDM College Ujire was constructed and established in 1969. During its initial days, it was a single block building that was merely a scratch on the surface of what SDM institutions are today. In a span of 50 years, SDM institutions have progressed drastically, and the inception of the journey was nothing short of a beginning of an era. There are very few people today who have been a part of the inception of this educational revolution, and there was an entity among them which was exceptionally special. Here we managed to find its identity and a rare a picture!

If there ever was a celebrity next in fame to Dr. D Veerendra Heggade himself during the 60s at Dharmasthala, it was this little fellow with a Mercedes emblem on his nose, the car that Dr. Heggade drove in. The car visited the construction site of SDM College when it was being established, every single day without fail, with Dr. Heggade himself who investigated the progress!

You can still meet the Mercedes at Manjusha Car Museum at Dharmasthala. After all, this car has seen the beginning of an educational reconstitution! There are hundreds of antique cars at the Manjusha Car Museum, each of them with their own stories to tell. This one, is connected dearly to SDM.