Belgian delegates at SDM College

Research students from various Universities and colleges of Belgium accompanied with their faculties visited Sri Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara College, Ujire.

13 students carrying out research in areas such as Law and Judiciary, Agricultural system of India, Jammu-Kashmir conflict, Civil and Mechanical Engineering etc were a part of the group. They also displayed a keen interest in yogic practices of India. The team visited the college on Thursday, spent the evening discussing national and international issues related to cross cultural judiciary, agricultural practices, law and order, linguistic differences, European union etc with the interested members of the host college. There were questions and intense discussions that marked the evening.

One of the student from the host college raised a question about  the nature of the law system in Belgium to which the guests said that the state is federal and exercises flexible system of law.

Further, the delegates were curious to know about the agricultural practices in india, to which one of the student of SDMC mentioned that the agricultural sector is the backbone of Indian economy, yet is very unorganised and is a gamble with the monsoons, but Green Revolution can be considered as the peak of Indian agriculture. The student also asked suggestions from the delegates regarding their agricultural  system that can be adopted to Indian environment.

Another student claimed that both Indians and pakistanis have favorable attitude towards their nations; but with respect to Indo-Pak conflicts, he was curious to know the views that Belgian residents and the political system. In answer to this, the aspects on international peace and terrorism was discussed.

When enquired on the linguistic system of Belgium, they mentioned that the people of he country mainly speak French and Dutch along with Spanish, they also have minority groups who speak German.

The interaction also included the issue of European Union, Brexit, the taxation system of Belgium, weather Conditions of the abroad etc.

B Yashovarma, Secretary of SDM institutions escorted the delegates to the event. Prof. Satishchandra, Principal of SDMC, Prof. Sampath Kumar, Registrar of the college and faculties and students of various stream were present in the session.

The Cross cultural evening  was a mixture of students and faculties of both the institutions and was a fruitful session.

After the session, the team headed to visit Shantivana trust and Shri kshetra Dharmastala.