Sign up to be an SDM Green Warrior!

SDM ardently fosters an environment of conscience in students and all stakeholders. Multiple initiatives have been designed in the direction where students take an active part in imparting and implementing green conscience. ‘Green Warriors’ is the most recent addition to the list, initiated in May 2022. This initiative fosters a strong sense of responsibility towards environment conservation in students. 

‘Green Warriors’ of SDM is a team of volunteers who dedicate themselves to environmental causes throughout their term at the college. At determined times of the week, they gather at the Green Warriors centre located near the SDM Cultural Centre and design strategies to be implemented. Their initiatives include planting saplings, encouraging reduction-reuse and recycling of waste, composting organic waste, developing community forests, encouraging the use of energy-efficient electronic equipment and facilitating a clean campus.

Green Warriors form associations with NCC, NSS and Rovers & Rangers units of the college and organise large-scale eco-friendly initiatives. Anyone can voluntarily reach out to the project in charge, Mr Prasanna from the NCC department and sign up to become a green warrior.