Webinar on “Commercial Prospects And Chemistry of Value Added Plant Products”

The department of Chemistry organized a webinar on “Commercial Prospects And Chemistry of Value Added Plant Products” by Dr.K.K.Srinivasan, Former HOD and Professor (Rtd), Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal on 19th December 2020.The resource person spoke on the chemistry of herbal medicines and their useful products and highlighted the importance of extraction of plant products for commercial value at the international markets. He also said herbal medicines and self treating remedies are increasingly popular in many countries due to increasing awareness among the consumers. Production of high quality raw materials, use of low input cultivation methods, standardization and knowledge in phytochemical analysis and process technology to ensure quality assurance are the steps to success, he added.

The participants were welcomed by Ms.Swathi .B, Ms.Rakshitha B.B. introduced the guest to the audience, Ms.Prajna Nayak proposed vote of thanks. The programme was co-ordinated by Ms. Prerana.M.
This webinar was organized under the STAR College Scheme of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.