On the occasion of Udayachandra’s retirement from service, a farewell ceremony ‘Udayabhinandana’ was held for him on November 30 by the teacher’s association of the college.

Vice President of S.D.M. Educational Society, Prof. S. Prabhakar said, “Dr. P.N. Udayachandra has given all kinds of encouragement and support to his students and colleagues to grow, he has a great quality of hoping for the good of others".

Chief Guest, Secretary of Educational Institutions Dr. Satheeshchandra S said, "There are no weaknesses in a person’s life. It can be a weakness in the eyes of another. When we hear discouraging words in life, our self-effort and self-confidence are very important. Everyone can be beneficial to society and their organization with their own efforts."

"Dr. P.N. Udayachandra is a great scholar and researcher as well. May these two abilities of his continue to benefit the students and youth. He is also a research guide and has the opportunity to serve as a research guide in the research centre of our college,” he said.

Principal of S.D.M PUcollege Prof. Dinesh Chowta, said "Dr.Udayachandrais a great reader of books. He is a role model for others”.
After receiving the honour Dr. P.N Udayachandra spoke and he recalled the days of his 37 years of service in the college, and he congratulated Jayakumar Shetty and wished him well for assuming the principal office.

Quoting English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson’s line “men may come and men may go,he said, “Leaders come and go. But only the leadership remains the same. The position of principal is similar, with challenges and uncertainties. With everyone’s cooperation, everything will go smoothly in due course,” he said.

Dr.A. Jayakumar Shetty who took office as the new principalsaid, “Only where there are challenges one can feel the excitement of victory. Greater success is possible if everyone moves forward in an organized manner," he said.

Congratulatory remarks by Assistant Professor of Commerce Dr.Lakshminarayan, recalled his 15 years of association with him. He explained how Udayachandra encouraged the new professors joining the department to rise to higher levels in their careers, to engage in research, and the support he gave to the students.
A documentary on Udayachandra brought out by the institute staff was screened.

Executive Director of S.D.M Educational Institutions M.Y. Harish, Student Welfare Officer B. Somasekhara Shetty, College Superintendent YuvrajPoovani, Heads of various Departments, Professors, Deans and professors of post graduate institutes were present. Teachers Association Secretary Dr. Bhaskar Hegde welcomed, Association office bearer Suveer Jain narrated the program.