“Statistics Offers Unique Dimensions to Science and Technology”: Dr. T.P.M. Pakkala

Dr. T.P.M. Pakkala, Professor at the Department of Statistics, Mangalore University, expressed his views on the distinct perspective that statistics brings to the understanding of science and technology, stating that if scientists and technologists grasp the fundamentals of statistics, it could lead to further advancements in scientific and technological discoveries. Dr. Pakkala made these remarks while inaugurating a one-day National Seminar on "Insight into Statistics and Data Science Trends" organized by the Statistics Postgraduate Studies and Research Center at SDM College, Ujire, on April 6.

Addressing the audience, Dr. Satishchandra S., Secretary of SDM Educational Institutions, emphasized the vital role of statistics in making precise decisions based on numerical facts. He highlighted that the pursuit of statistical knowledge facilitates the development of various research methodologies across different domains. Dr. B.A. Kumar Hegde, Principal of SDM College, stressed the importance of integrating statistical principles into every field to foster growth and advancement.

The keynote speakers included Dr. M. Manoharan, Emeritus Professor, Calicut University, and Dr. B.V. Dhandra, Professor, Computer Science Department, Gulbarga University, along with Dr. P.V. Pandit, Professor, Department of Statistics, Bangalore University. Student representatives Supreetha, Geethashree, and Kriti offered their prayers during the event. Dr. Savitha Kumari, Coordinator of the seminar, extended a warm welcome, while Assistant Professor Supriya expressed her gratitude. Nikhita Shetty, a student representative, concluded the event.