Guest Lecture Program on ‘Quantum Physics’ Conducted at SDM Center

Political Science

 On March 20, a guest lecture program on ‘Quantum Physics’ was organized at the SDM Autonomous College by the Department of Political science, with Prof. T.N. Keshav, the retired Principal, and Professor of Physics, as the chief guests.

Addressing the students, they explained, "Quantum Physics is a branch of mathematics that transcends human thought boundaries. Every living being in the world has its own limits of understanding. Only when these limits are surpassed can the quantum world be created."

Dr. Shalif A.P., Head of the Department of Political science, and the lecturers Nataraj H.K. and Bhagyashree were present at the event. Pratiksha welcomed the guests, Sapna expressed gratitude, and Mukti introduced the program.