SDM College Ujire recognised as ‘NAAC Evaluation Mentor’

SDM College Ujire has been awarded a special recognition by NAAC, after having consecutively obtained excellent grades in NAAC evaluations for three years. The recognition is named ‘NAAC Evaluation Mentor’, which stands for the ability of SDM College Ujire’s capability to train other colleges with regard to NAAC mandates and enable them to obtain better grades. A total of 168 institutions in the nation have been awarded this recognition on the 6th of September, 2019. 17 colleges from Karnataka have received this recognition alongside SDMC Ujire.

This recognition entrusts a responsibility on SDM College Ujire to extend an assisting hand to neighbouring institutions to upgrade their standards. The state government of Karnataka had also recognised the college as a Nodal Institution few years ago. This recognition is awarded through the ‘Paramarsh’ scheme, which is a UGC scheme for mentoring NAAC accreditation aspirant institutions to promote quality assurance in higher education.