Orientation Program for Hostel Residents

The orientation program for students freshly admitted to SDM PG courses and staying at ‘Dheemanth’ and ‘Dheemahi’ hostels was conducted on the 19th of June, Wednesday, at ‘Divyahna’ mess hall.
Dr. Jayakumar Shetty, the Head of Economics Department who presided over the event addressed the students stating “Hostel life infers a disciplined life. The regulations that are imposed on you during these days might seem difficult, but they make life more disciplined in the long run. Students must always adhere by regulations because they ensure better performance. Better performance makes your parents happy, and making them proud must always be your priority.”
The Student Welfare Officer of SDM, Somshekhar Shetty addressed the students stating “You arrive to a divine institution like SDM with an ambition to achieve – in academic or any other way. That ambition must be the primary focus of your life. SDM provides you ample opportunities to excel in whatever areas you aspire – make the most of each of it.”
Prof. G R Bhat, the President of Student Welfare Committee of SDM stated “Never allow temptations to hinder your drive. Always strive towards fulfilling your  ambitions and making your parents proud.”

Prof. Shakuntala, Mahesh Kumar Shetty, and wardens of Dheemanth and Dheemahi and the mess manager were present at the occasion. Over 175 students attended the orientation.