“Media Festival ‘Madhyama Parva’ at S.D.M. College: National Symposium on Unbiased Journalism and Truth-seeking”


Promoting the essence of truthful reporting and unbiased journalism, the two-day national symposium on "Media, Culture, and Technology: Socio-political Structural Perspectives" and the ‘Madhyama Parva’ media festival commenced today at S.D.M. College, Ujire. Mr. Ajith Hanumakkanavar, Chief Editor of Suvarna News Channel, emphasized the necessity of cultivating a vigilant and unbiased approach in journalism to fortify the foundations of truth-seeking consciousness. The symposium, organized by the Department of Mass Communication and Media Studies in collaboration with the B. Voc (Digital Media-Film Making) division, aims to explore the societal implications of media, culture, and technology. The event was inaugurated by Professor B.K. Ravi, Vice Chancellor of Koppala University, who stressed the vital role media plays in shaping public opinion and societal change.

Ajit Hanumakkanavar, in his keynote address, underlined the significance of media professionals possessing curiosity, dedication, and an unbiased perspective. He highlighted the challenges and opportunities present in the field of journalism, emphasizing that media is an essential tool for societal progress. Dr. Satishchandra S., Secretary of S.D.M. Institutions, addressed the gathering, stating that knowledge is a source of power, and continuous learning is essential for acquiring it. He urged journalists to be unbiased and dedicated to the welfare of society.

Dr. B.A. Kumar Hegde,Principal of S.D.M. College, delivered the presidential address, stressing the importance of knowledge acquisition through constant reading and dedication to unbiased reporting. He applauded the efforts of the media department in organizing an event that fosters a sense of responsibility among media professionals. Dr. Bhaskar Hegde, HOD of Journalism welcomed the gathering and Mr. Madhav Holla, Head of the B.Voc (Digital Media-Film Making) department, expressed his gratitude and welcomed the participants. The second-year student representative, Sanritha Jasmine, outlined the agenda for the festival.