National Seminar on Indian Scientific Heritage Held at SDM College Ujire

National Seminar on Indian Scientific

A one-day national seminar on "Indian Scientific Heritage" was held at SDM College Ujire on February 26, 2024. The seminar was organized by the Departments of Physics, Sanskrit, and Mathematics of the college in collaboration with the Center of Excellence for Indian Knowledge Systems at IIT Kharagpur, the All India Council for Technical Education-Indian Knowledge Systems (AICTE-IKS), and the Physics Teachers’ Association of Mangalore University. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Satishchandra S., Secretary of the SDM Educational Institutions. In his inaugural address, Dr. Satishchandra stressed the need for integrating traditional knowledge with modern scientific research. He highlighted the contributions of ancient Indian scientists like Susruta, Bhaskara, and Aryabhata to the fields of medicine, physics, and mathematics.

The seminar was presided over by Dr. B.A. Kumar Hegde, Principal of SDM College. In his presidential address, Dr. Hegde spoke about the importance of the Indian scientific heritage in the context of modern science and technology. He highlighted the holistic approach to knowledge in ancient India, as reflected in texts like the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas. The seminar featured talks by two resource persons: Mr. Anand K. Ghury, a holistic management consultant from Mumbai, and Dr. Mahesh K., a professor at IIT Kharagpur. Mr. Ghury spoke about the relevance of Indian scientific heritage in the modern world, while Dr. Mahesh K. spoke about the rationales and demonstrations in Indian mathematics and astronomy.

The program was welcomed by the Head of the Department of Physics, Prof. S.N. Kakkatkar, and the vote of thanks was proposed by the Head of the Department of Sanskrit, Dr. Shridhar Bhat. The program was compered by the student, Pareekshit.