Symposium on Digital Transformation in Commerce and Management

PG commerce programme

Dr. B.A. Kumar Hegde, Principal of S.D.M. College’s Ujire, emphasized the need for vigilant management of digital technology alongside rapid advancements in the digital era. Speaking at a national-level seminar organized by the PG Department of Commerce division, Dr. Hegde highlighted the unprecedented opportunities and benefits that come with the use of digital technology. He underscored the importance of responsible use of digital technology to ensure that it aligns with the development goals. The event also focused on the various applications of digital technology in different sectors, showcasing organized implementations that benefit farmers and enhance rural economies.

Mr. Venugopal Bhatt, Retired Assistant General Manager of Karnataka Bank and Chief Guest of the event, inaugurated the program and delivered an inaugural address. He highlighted the ongoing global trend of digitalization and its positive impact on various sectors. Bhatt also commended the efforts of the academic institution in organizing an event that sheds light on the diverse applications of digital technology.

Dr, Priyakumari, HOD of department of commerce, Dr. Suresh Babu K.S., Assistant Professor, , welcomed and proposed vote of thanks to the gathering, while student representative Nayanashree outlined the agenda for the day. The seminar brought together students, faculty, and experts in the field to discuss and exchange ideas on the current state and future possibilities of digital technology in commerce and management.