“Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge in India is Essential: Prof. P. Subrahmanyam Yadapadithaya”

Professor P. SubrahmanyaYadapadithaya, Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University, emphasized the need for documentation and preservation of India’s traditional knowledge to ensure that it is used in a proper and meaningful way. He stated that even the country’s technological knowledge needs to be documented and integrated into the national education curriculum for advanced learning.

Speaking at a national seminar titled "Indigenizing Practices in Higher Education in India: Steps Ahead," held at the SDM College in Ujire on March 30, Yadapadithaya stressed the importance of incorporating traditional and technological knowledge into the national education policy, as outlined in the National Education Policy 2020. The seminar was organized by the college’s department of economics and rural development, in collaboration with the National Society for Education and Research (NSER), New Delhi.

Yadapadithaya also emphasized the need to provide higher education opportunities to rural areas, which would lead to the overall development of the nation. The seminar focused on various themes related to indigenizing practices in higher education in India and saw the participation of educationists, researchers, and scholars from across the country.

The seminar was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor of the Odisha Central University, Professor P.V. Krishna Bhatt. In his address, he said, "We are looking at our society from a Western perspective rather than seeing it through our own eyes. The present education system is also moving in the same direction. It is necessary to bring about a change in this."

The keynote address was delivered by Prof. Sheila Rai, an ICSRS member from New Delhi and the President of the Indian Police Foundation. Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty, the principal of the college, Dr. Ramesh Saliyan, the director of research at Tumkur University, and other dignitaries were present at the seminar. Dr. Ganaraj K. Vandesha, the head of the economics department, organized the event. The program was conducted by Professor Mahesh Shetty.