‘Talents Day’ Movie release by Ujire B.voc Digital Media & Filmmaking students

The first feature film ‘Talents Day’ directed and produced by the students of the B.Voc (Digital Media & Film Making) department of SDM College was launched at the UG Seminar Hall of the college.

Psychologist SinchanaUrubailu who spoke after the release of the movie said, "When you watch the movie, you don’t feel that it is made by students. It has come out so well on the screen. This effort of the students is highly commendable. This movie reminded me of my college days."

Secretary of SDME Society,Dr.Satishchandra S.  who was present in the program Speaking of which, be it globally or regionally, cinema is a powerful medium. It is imperative now to prepare students for such a field right from the college level. The film making department of our college is doing that work," he praised.

Principal of the college Dr.A. Jayakumar Shetty and Suveer Jain, BVoc Course Coordinator who was present on this occasion., congratulated the students for their successful effort.
Antony, the director of the ‘Talents Day’ movie, shared his experience in the program. On this occasion, the entire film crew was present.
Madhav Holla, Head of the Department, welcomed and Ashwini Jain, Assistant Professor, gave the vote of thanks. Student Farana narrated the program.

‘Talents Day’ cinema, which started as part of practical learning, is proud to say that it was produced on a budget of around 2 lakhs. It is noteworthy that students have worked in every department of cinema. After the release of the movie, a total of 10 shows were successfully performed for two days. Good feedback was expressed by the students of the college, the lecturers and all the observers.