A Word of Concern…

Dear students, it has been long since you left for your home towns on account of Covid 19 Lockdown. The SDM campuses at Ujire, in fact are waiting for your return and resume  your academic activities. Neither you nor the Faculty, nor the management knew about the sudden arrival of corona and its deep wound on every human activity. The entire world has been horribly affected and the activities are although returning slowly to the normalcy, the impact will be there for some more time. Although in green and orange zones lockdown has been partially withdrawn, the Governments have not still allowed all businesses and production houses to restart in full swing, to stop third phase of corona spread . Also, free movements between zones and between the districts and states are restricted. The education sector is hit very badly as the campuses are places of huge crowds of learners like you and we owing to the actual difficulty to maintain social distance. We may have to endure this situation for some more time till the Government issues separate advisories.

We know that the students who have reached the last stage of the semesters are in the state of intense anxiety and also those who have just began the semesters especially PG sections. Like you, we are also in the similar state of mind and in spite of our care and concern to participate in learning process we are forced to wait some more time. We are sure that certainly there is going to be a silver line in the near future and the college management , the P rincipal and the faculty wish to assure all of you that, as we are bound by conscience and morality, will not only share your burden of worry but also are bent upon supporting you even till the last minute of the crisis. Therefore be assured that your comfort is our comfort .

We expect you not to lose your patience and temper for some more time and do good preparation for all the academic as well as actual tests of life. Certainly the college will take all necessary precautions to lessen the burden and anxiety that you are filled with. SDMC always values the culture of dignity, commitment and stable and integrated attitude to any situation. Let us together face the Corona crisis and work for the Safety of humankind. We will be in touch with you for ensuring that we are together.

Stay home stay safe.

Dr.Satheeshchandra S.