Website Designing Competition

The department of B.Voc in Digital Media and Film Making organised a website designing competition for students of the department under the student association ‘Lumos’, on 25th October 2023. Five students of the department participated in the competition where they designed original websites for mock brands and explained the technicalities of it to the judges. Ms. Neeksha from final year and Mr. Shailesh from final year bagged the first and second places respectively. Ms. Ashwini Jain, staff advisor of Lumos student association coordinated the event. Mr. Ashwith HR, HOD of B.Voc in Retail and Supply Chain Management and Mr. Sammed Jain, HOD of B.Voc in Software and Application Development were the judges for the competition. Mr. Madhava Holla, HOD of B.Voc in Digital Media and Film Making was present at the competition.