Webinar on “Undertaking Air Pollution and Climate Change– An Overview”

On 24 April 2021, the Department of Chemistry organized a webinar on “Undertaking Air Pollution and Climate Change – An Overview” by Dr. Chaithanya D Jain, Scientist- SE, National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, Department of Space, Govt. of India, Gadanki, A.P. He spoke on the composition of atmosphere and various chemicals in atmosphere and focused mainly on the basic concepts of air pollution and climate change. 

He explained how air pollution has become a global concern and its impacts on public health. He also briefed about the type of studies and research work undertaken at the NARL. He explained various methods of sampling done and how this study helps to build models which make it possible to bring out measures and policies by the administrators to curb pollution. The study requires lot of resources and finance and hence it is challenging he added. He mentioned that the studies during COVID – 19 lockdown have proved that it is possible to reduce pollution by controlling our activities which have direct impact on atmosphere.

About 82 students of B.Sc. Chemistry are benefitted by the talk. The programme was convened by Dr. Rajesh N. Hegde of the department. Mr. Vishnu of III B.Sc. PCM welcomed and presented vote of thanks and Ms. Nikshitha of III B.Sc. PCM introduced the guest to the audience.