Webinar on Modern Approaches in Plant Sciences

The Department of Botany organised a Webinar on 03.09.2020 on the topic Modern Approaches in Plant Sciences. Dr. Hrishikesh Damle MD and CEO and Dr. Bharat B. R from Atrimed Pharma Pvt.Ltd Bangalore were the resource persons. This program was convened by Dr. Kumara Hegde B. A HOD of the Department of Botany and Coordinated by Mr. Ganesh V Shendye and Ms. Shakunthala B, Assistant Professors of the Department. 171 participants were present for this webinar event.

During the talk the resource person emphasised on the importance of plants in current situation. He explained ways to explore the plant wealth using Chemical, Biotechnological and Omic approaches. Emphasis was given on how students can think of designing proper experiments to understand the ways to explore secondary metabolites from the plants using microbial culture techniques and hydroponics.