Webinar on Career in Medicinal Plant Sciences

The Department of Botany organized a Webinar on Career in Medicinal Plant Sciences. Dr. Sunil Kumar Narayanan, Research Officer from Siddha Central Research Institute (CCRS) Chennai was the resource person. This program was convened by Dr. Kumara Hegde B. A HOD of the Department of Botany and Coordinated by Mr. Ganesh V Shendye and Ms. Shakunthala B, Assistant Professors of the Department. 195 participants were present for this webinar event.

Dr. Sunil Kumar delivered his talk by focusing on three key areas.

  1. Significance of medicinal Plants – In this section, he explained about most important medicinal plants with commercial viability, plant protection, conservation of biodiversity, Phytochemicals used in various systems of medicine.
  2. Careers in Medicinal plant sciences- This section focused on how to build a career by choosing different subjects like Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmacology, and pharmacognosy. He emphasized careers in Central government laboratories, state governments, NGOs, and Autonomous institutions to carry out the careers of their choice.
  3. Supporting Schemes – Here Dr. Sunil gave very useful information on funding agencies who will support the individuals at different levels of their career.

at the end of the session question and Answer session was there. many Participants interacted with the resource person.

This webinar was a well-accepted, neatly presented one with very good feedback from the participants.