University Conference on Translation Promotes Intellectual Growth in Rural Youth

Ujire, Karnataka, India, November 24, 2023 – A national conference on translation held in the rural town of Ujire in Karnataka, India, has been praised for its role in promoting intellectual growth among young people.

The conference, titled “Kannada Cultural Heritage and Translators,” was organized by the Translation Studies Department and Translation Center of Hampi Kannada University, in collaboration with the Karnataka Translators Association and SDM college ujire. It was held at the Sri Siddhavan Gurukula in Ujire on November 22-23.

In his closing remarks at the conference, Hampi Kannada University Vice Chancellor Dr. D.V. Paramashivamurthy said that universities should reach out to rural areas by organizing events such as translation conferences. He argued that such events can help to stimulate intellectual growth among young people.

“Translation is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of both the source language and the target language,” Dr. Paramashivamurthy said. “It is also a creative act that can help to promote cultural understanding. By organizing translation conferences in rural areas, universities can help to expose young people to new ideas and perspectives.”

In his closing remarks, the acclaimed Kannada writer Agrahara Krishnamurthy said that translation is often a process of trial and error. He argued that even errors can be valuable, as they can help to lead to new and innovative translations.

“Translation is a complex art,” Agrahara Krishnamurthy said. “It is important to be open to new ideas and to be willing to experiment.”

The conference featured presentations by leading scholars and translators from India and abroad. Topics discussed included the role of translation in cultural preservation, the challenges of translating cultural concepts, and the future of translation studies.