Translators Deserve National Recognition: Dr. D. Veerendra Hegde

Ujire, Karnataka, India, November 22, 2023 – The Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala, Rajya Sabha Member, and Chairman of the S.D.M. Educational Institutions, Dr. D. Veerendra Hegde, has called for national recognition for translators.

He was speaking at the inauguration of the two-day national conference on “Kannada Cultural Heritage and Translators” at the Sri Siddhavan Gurukula in Ujire today. The conference was organized by the Translation Studies Department and Translation Center of Hampi Kannada University, in collaboration with the Karnataka Translators Association & SDM college ujire.

“Translation is a complex process that requires deep understanding of both the source language and the target language,” Dr. Hegde said. “It is also a creative act that can help to promote cultural understanding. Translators deserve national recognition for their important work.”

The keynote speaker at the conference was Dr. M. Mohan Alva, President of the Alva’s Education Foundation in Moodbidri. He said that India’s diversity of cultures and languages is its strength. Translators play a key role in preserving this diversity.

“Knowledge should not be stagnant,” Dr. Alva said. “It should flow. Translators help to make this happen.”

“The conference was attended by over 100 people, including students, scholars, and translators. The event was widely praised by participants, who said that it was a valuable opportunity to learn about translation and its role in society.

In a statement, the Karnataka Translators Association said that the conference was a “significant event” that will “help to promote translation studies in Karnataka.”

The conference featured presentations by leading scholars and translators from India and abroad. Topics discussed included the role of translation in cultural preservation, the challenges of translating cultural concepts, and the future of translation studies.