"Statistics Plays a Vital Role in Enhancing Employability", Says Dr. Kumar Hegde B.A
Ujire, May 16: Dr. Kumar Hegde B.A., thePrincipal of SDM College, stated that statistics is expanding its reach in fostering employability across various fields.

Recently, the Department of Statistics at the SDM Postgraduate Center organized the intercollegiate competition called "StatsTech-2023" and inaugurated the event. Dr. Hegde highlighted that statistics, which plays a significant role in job creation in various sectors, has recognized its presence in fields such as market analysis, human resource development, psychology, and information technology, among others. He emphasized that statistics has become instrumental in several research studies related to job satisfaction.

Dr. Vishwanath P., Dean of the SDM Postgraduate Center, who chaired the event, mentioned that such competitions promote unity in learning and bring new dynamics to student life. He further stated that participation from students of various colleges enhances social interaction and facilitates the exchange of knowledge.

A total of seven student teams from different colleges participated in the competition.
The event was graced by Professor Shantiprakash, the vice principal, head of the Department of Statistics, who welcomed the gathering. Nityashree offered a vote of thanks, and Deepa provided insights into the importance of statistics. Dr. Savita Kumari, Swetha Kumari, Supriya S.P., and Pradeep K. were present as assistant professors from the Department of Statistics.