Statistics Plays Vital Role in the Advancement of Medical Field

"Statistics Plays Vital Role in the Advancement of Medical Field: Dr. Sathish Chandra S
Ujire, May 17: Dr. Sathish Chandra S., the secretaryof SDM Institutions, expressed that the use of statistics has significantly increased in the medical field.

Addressing as the chief guest at the closing ceremony of the ‘StateTech-2023’ inter-college competition organized by the Postgraduate Center of SDM, he highlighted the prominent role of statistics in identifying major developments in the medical field. He emphasized that various branches of statistics are being utilized to understand the effects of new medicines.

The program was presided over by Shashishekhar N. Kakatkar, the College registrar, who stated, "Inter-college competitions foster an enthusiastic environment that enhances self-confidence, leadership qualities, and optimism among students. The statistics department at SDM College has been at the forefront of organizing such programs."

A total of 92 students from seven colleges participated in the competition. Different categories of competitions were held across six divisions. Saint Aloysius College, Mangalore, emerged as the overall winners, while students from Poornaprajna College, Udupi, secured the second position.
The ‘StateTech-2023’ competition provided a platform for students to showcase their talents and foster healthy competition among colleges. It also highlighted the growing relevance of statistics in the medical domain.