South Karnataka district administration calls for participation in ‘Swachhta Hi Seva’ campaign

The South Karnataka district administration has called for public participation in the ‘Swachhta Hi Seva’ campaign, which is being organized to promote cleanliness and sanitation in all gram panchayats in the district. Speaking in an interview on the ‘Radio Ninada 90.4 FM’ community radio station at the SDM College in Ujire, South Karnataka district deputy secretary Ragu E.I. said that the campaign will run until October 2.

The campaign aims to identify and clean up areas with the highest accumulation of waste, areas with poor sanitation, streets, and other places that are not clean," he said. "I urge the public to join hands with the district administration to make our villages clean and healthy." College office superintendent Divakar Patwardhan, head of the journalism department Dr. Bhaskar Hegde, and assistant professor Sunil Hegde were also present during the interview. The community radio station program coordinator V.K. Kadaba conducted the interview.
The campaign is being organized by the Central Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Jal Shakti Ministry, under the Swachh Bharat Mission.