Adopting fair attitude and being able to be wise in all situations makes a teacher perfect – Dr. Nefisath P

Being comfortable in explaining the facts and enjoying doing the same at the same time are mandatory for a teacher to become a good communicator, said Dr. Nefisath P, Assistant Professor, Department of PG Studies and Research in Chemistry. She was addressing the PG and B.Voc. Student Faculty members on the occasion of orientation programme held on 13 January 2023. She stressed upon verbal and non-verbal communication along with minute things to be take care of in the classroom. She explained how good an emotional management be done at times in the classroom and how to act calmly when it comes to keep our temper in check. Preparing lesson plan along with objectives, outcomes of the topic, good preparation for the class, mastering language, dedication and punctuality determines effectiveness of the class, she added. Dr. Sujay M M coordinated the programme and Dr. Akshatha, Coordinator, Co-curricular Committee was present.

Mr. Arvind Shetty addressed 44 students of B.Voc in Digital Media and Film Making. He explained the various career opportunities in digital marketing and the means to become job-ready to fit those roles. An interaction followed his session.

Mr. Madhava Holla, HOD of the department, and the Assistant Professors Ashwini Jain, Indudhar Kini and Thejaswini were present. Mr. Ajay Rao, HR from Alter Marketing Solutions Pvt.Ltd Mangalore was also present.